Congressional Candidate Jim Craig Produces Evidence of Rep. Jeb Bradley's Homeland Security Failures

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Contact: Jean Weinberg


Jim Calls on Jeb to Take Responsibility for His Failure in Congress and His Failure to Protect New Hampshire Families

(August 15, 2006)—Today, Jim Craig, the Democratic candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's first district, blasted his opponent, Rep. Jeb Bradley, for voting repeatedly against measures to improve homeland security at America’s airports, harbors and border entry points.

Speaking earlier today with to a reporter from WMUR-TV, Bradley challenged the Craig campaign to produce evidence of his irresponsible voting record on Homeland Security. In response, Craig pointed to the following votes, as reported by Congressional Quarterly, a respected Capitol Hill news source.

“When it comes to Homeland Security, Jeb Bradley has failed New Hampshire families,” said Craig. “We need a congressman who will fight the terrorists with action, and not just with empty words. It’s time for a change in Washington, and we need to start at home by holding Jeb Bradley accountable for his failures.” [SEE ATTACHED JEB BRADLEY’S DOUBLE TALK RECORD ON HOMELAND SECURITY]


Border Control:

· Bradley voted against $19 million in Border Patrol funds.(HR 2863, #668, 12/19/05).

· Bradley voted against fulfilling the 9/11 commission’s recommendations on border security and immigration, including funding for 12,000 additional Border Patrol agents, and provide 100,000 additional detention beds. (HR 4437, #660, 12/16/05).

Airport Security

· Bradley voted against adding more baggage screeners at U.S. airports. (HR 4567, #265, 6/18/04).

· Jeb Bradley voted against requiring that 100 percent of air cargo on passenger planes be screened within three years. (HR 1817, #187, 5/18/06).

Safe Ports

· Jeb Bradley voted against requiring all cargo shipping containers that enter the United States to be scanned and sealed. (HR 4954, #126, 5/4/06).

· Bradley voted to allow a company owned by the United Arab Emirates to assume operations at select U.S. ports (HR 4167, #18, 3/2/06).


· Bradley voted to cut $249 million from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (HR 3010, #598, 11/17/05). Among its other tasks, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studies bioterror threats like smallpox and coordinates with local authorities to develop response strategies to bioterror attacks. (“The Secretive Fight Against Bioterror,” Washington Post, 7/30/06; Bioterror drill deemed success,” Atlanta Constitutional-Journal, 7/29/05)DC

Craig also blasted George Bush and the Republican Congress for shifting half of the Transportation Safety Administration’s (TSA) $110 million research budget to cover operational costs. “The experts have been telling us for years that Al Qaeda intends to use liquid explosives to blow up passenger planes," said Craig. "But instead of developing the technology to detect these explosives, the politicians in Washington wasted our Homeland Security budget."

Jim Craig, candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s First District, is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire and his roots in the Granite State stretch for five generations. As a veteran of the US Army, he worked for his law degree with the help from the GI Bill and joined his family's law practice. For over 20 years, he has promoted the health and well being of families by serving on non-profit community boards. He was elected to the New Hampshire State House in 1998 and now serves as Democratic Leader. While in Concord, he worked tirelessly to create bipartisan, practical solutions for the state. As leader, he created a labor caucus that addresses working families' concerns.