Jim Craig: Not Ready for Prime Time

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Contact:Wayne Semprini


Jim Craig: Not Ready for Prime Time

(Concord,NH) – In a strange twist, the Craig campaign issued a press release criticizing Congressman Bradley for casting a vote to keep the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard off the BRAC list and save 5,000 jobs.

In his latest misstep, Craig states, “Bradley voted to approve the Base Realignment and Closure Commission’s recommendations for a fifth round of military base closures.”

This vote actually ratified the BRAC determination to drop the Shipyard off of the closure list.

“Congressman Bradley, after playing a key role in keeping the Shipyard open, cast a vote to assure the long term viability of this important military facility,” said Wayne Semprini, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Committee.

“As has been the case from Day 1 of the Craig campaign, Jim has once again failed to do his homework. He has consistently either waffled or taken no position on the issues, and has failed to understand the negative impact that his positions would have on working families in New Hampshire,” said Semprini.

“It is no wonder that after being given the endorsement by liberal Democrats in Washington, he is in such a struggle to even win his own primary,” concluded Semprini.