NHInsider.com Now Available Through Newstex Blogs On Demand

Full-text blog feed licensed to content distributors and enterprise customers

Peterborough NH, August 18, 2006 -- NHInsider.com announced today an agreement to distribute the unique content of NHInsider.com via Newstex Blogs On Demand. NHInsider.com, a site dedicated to New Hampshire politics, includes Bloggers, Guest Blogs and the 10 Questions sections.

Newstex Blogs On Demand offers blog networks and individual bloggers a syndication business model, which enhances the exposure and makes blogs easy to use for employees working in companies, financial firms and government agencies. Newstex Blogs On Demand delivers full-text blog content from premier Weblogs for content distributors and enterprise customers.

“The valuable content from NHInsider.com is an important addition to our Blogs On Demand offering,” said Larry Schwartz, Newstex President. “Our clients have requested that we identify and deliver quality blogs covering local politics and include the commentary together with premium content sources.”

“This is great news for our awesome Bloggers, it exposes their work to a wider audience that Newstex reaches with their ‘Blogs on Demand’ product” said Stephen DeMaura, Founder of NHInsider.com.

“A secondary benefit is to New Hampshire newspapers, businesses, and tourism as the people who receive the ‘Blogs on Demand’ during the day at their employers, return to the internet at night from their homes, coming back to NHInsider.com to explore our other offerings.” explained DeMaura.

Unlike existing Web-based blog aggregation services, Newstex actually licenses influential blog content directly from bloggers and then takes in each carefully selected blog feed in text format and uses its proprietary NewsRouter technology to scan it in real-time. Each blog post delivered as part of Newstex Blogs On Demand is treated as a news story. Blog content is easily integrated into the applications that people use everyday, including content aggregator services, financial trading environments and customer relationship management systems.

About NHInsider:
NHInsider.com is a website dedicated to New Hampshire politics. Stephen DeMaura, a college student at American University in Washington DC, founded NHInsider.com during the fall of 2004.

NHInsider Media Contact:
Stephen DeMaura
Founder, NHInsider.com
(603) 801-7620

About Newstex
Newstex offers Content On Demand, including tailored, real-time news and commentary from thousands of branded newswires, newspapers, magazines, financial and business sources, official government feeds and blogs. Newstex collects full-text digital news and commentary feeds, standardizes the content format, adds stock ticker symbols, PeopleTickers and topical categories, and instantly delivers the result via easy-to-integrate XML or RSS newsfeeds.

The revolutionary Newstex Blogs On Demand product delivers value-added full-text blog content. Newstex processes blogs in real-time through its NewsRouter technology to automatically tag each blog post with key data such as company names, stock tickers, key executives and government officials, and detailed topical categories for distribution to downstream enterprise customers to ensure greater exposure and reach for this valuable content. Blogs In Demand and Content On Demand from Newstex are the fastest ways for content distributors and enterprise customers to cost-effectively integrate full-text premium newsfeeds and the top blogs at reduced cost, minimum risk and optimum ROI. For more information, please visit www.newstex.com

Newstex / Media Contact:
David M. Scott
Freshspot Marketing for Newstex
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