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Jim Craig Blasts Congressman Jeb Bradley and George Bush

For Failed Energy Policy in favor of Big Special Interests

August 19, 2006—Jim Craig, the Democratic candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s first district, sharply criticized his opponent, Rep. Jeb Bradley, for casting votes that may cost several hundred more New Hampshire workers their jobs. Craig further called for change in Washington to hold Rep. Jeb Bradley, George Bush, and big oil accountable for their failed policies that hurt working families.

“Until Congress gets serious about price gouging and fuel efficiency, we are going to continue to see rising prices and unemployment. On these issues, Jeb Bradley has stood with the special interests every time. It’s time to make a real change in Congress and shut the door to big oil,” Jim said. “This fall, families have the power to change the leadership and direction of our country.”

In the wake of sharply rising gas prices, yesterday the Ford Motor Company announced that it will cut production of new vehicles by 20 percent in the final quarter of this year. Three companies with New Hampshire plants supply parts to the Ford Motor Company.

Industry analysts explain that with gas prices topping $3 at the pump, Ford and other American manufacturers are losing their market share to Asian auto brands with better fuel efficiency.

Jim continued, “Since 2003 gas prices have jumped from $1.45 per gallon to $3.00, and we have Jeb Bradley and the Republican Congress to thank for it. When Jeb took office, 1,560 New Hampshire residents were employed in auto parts production. Last year that number fell to 1,260. In November, 560 workers in Bedford and Merrimack lost their jobs at Car Components Technologies. Maybe this doesn’t hurt Jeb Bradley, but it hurts New Hampshire.” [http://www.newhampshiregasprices.com/retail_price_chart.aspx; Union Leader , 11/22/05]

New Hampshire firms that subcontract for the Ford Motor Company include:

· · · Ford’s announcement comes just one week after General Motors announced sharp cuts in SUV production. At least one New Hampshire company, Hutchinson Sealing Systems Inc. in Newfields, supplies General Motors with auto parts.


Bradley voted:

· against prohibiting gasoline price gouging and against increasing fines for price gouging to three-times the profits gained, up to $3 million (HR3893, #517, 10/7/05). · · · ·

Jim Craig, candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s First District, is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire and his roots in the Granite State stretch for five generations. As a veteran of the US Army, he worked for his law degree with the help from the GI Bill and joined his family's law practice. For over 20 years, he has promoted the health andwell being of families by serving on non-profit community boards. He was elected to the New Hampshire State House in 1998 and now serves as Democratic Leader. While in Concord, he worked tirelessly to create bipartisan, practical solutions for the state. As leader, he created a labor caucus that addresses working families' concerns.