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Rochester, NH—Congressional candidate Carol Shea-Porter today criticized the DNC decision to insert Nevada between the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary.

“The DNC has made the wrong decision, and their excuses for this decision were based on the wrong reasons. I have been involved in New Hampshire politics as a Congressional candidate, as a Presidential primary staffer, and as a volunteer,” she said. “I have listened to New Hampshire voters’ concerns, and their issues are the same as those of citizens in the other states. Across the country, Americans of all races, religions, and political persuasions want to talk to their leaders about the same problems. They worry about the economy, the war and national defense, health care, the environment, and education.”

Shea-Porter said she believes this change will make it more difficult for voters to have the opportunity to discuss those issues. “This move is going to pull politics out of living rooms and small function halls and away from the everyday citizen. Candidates will now have to rely on big money and big media to be heard. This places one more barrier between the politician and the people he or she needs to hear from.”

Shea-Porter urges all Presidential candidates to come up to New Hampshire, where well-informed and civic-minded citizens will welcome them and engage them in spirited debate about the issues facing this nation.

Shea-Porter lives in Rochester. She is the chairwoman of the Rochester Democratic Committee. Her web site is