Contact: Brendan McQuaid


For Immediate Release

August22nd 2006

Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Coburn today reaffirms his commitment to election fairness but questions the court’s timing in this decision. Coburn calls for the New Hampshire Supreme Court to refer to the Constitution as it relates to separation of powers.

“I believe very strongly in a fair electoral process, which is why I was so critical of the current Governor for vetoing two bills to ensure that only legitimate voters can go to the polls on Election Day. In this case it is clear to me that one party or group should not receive preferential ballot placement due to its control of the legislature, however the Supreme Court has created a logistical nightmare with only three weeks left until the September12th Primary. The courts should not be in the legislative business in the first place. Further more, it is incomprehensible why a decision could not have been rendered while the legislature was in session. The court had a year to deal with this issue. Issuing its decision in a timely matter would have afforded the New Hampshire Legislature and the Secretary of State time to create a fair solution without causing chaos in the middle of an election cycle. This is clearly an unfair and avoidable burden that it is being placed on all parties involved,” said Coburn.

“The most alarming development however is not in the decision itself, it is that this is another example of a court not content to simply interpret the law but instead putting themselves in the business of writing the law. The Claremont decisions are another prime example of this type of judicial policymaking,” noted Coburn.

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