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August23rd 2006

Ad Claims of Erasing $300 Million Deficit Not Based onReality

Manchester –Last week John Lynch and his campaign war chest took to the airwaves defending the lack of leadership his administration has shown since taking office. The problem is that the Governor just couldn't get his facts straight.

John Lynch believes that the best way to defend his lack of leadership is by misleading the voters of New Hampshire; spending thousands of dollars on TV ads that distort and ignore reality.

"In typical fashion, John Lynch talks the talk in his ad, but still hasn't walked the walk in Concord," Coburn campaign manager Mike Biundo said. "He's presented a budget that was loaded with more than a hundred million dollars in greater spending than the Republican controlled legislature approved and oversaw a state government that has almost completely spent away our surplus."

Lynch’s"Fresh Start" Fact Check:

Claim: When he became Governor the state was facing a $300 million deficit.

FACT: Lynch “inherited" the largest surplus in history thanks to the previous Republican Administration, and a Republican controlled House and Senate.

Claim: Kept an eye on the bottom line.

FACT: Lynch has not cut government spending. He presented a budget with more than $100 million in higher government spending than passed by the Republican controlled legislature and balanced his budget with $300 million of inflated revenue numbers. Lynch takes credit for the Republican budget that, due to Lynch’s lack of leadership, passed without the support of his own party. In fact, only one Democrat voted for the budget. Government spending has increased since Lynch took office; including increasing his own budget by 79 percent and recently issuing an executive order which called for $6 million in additional big government welfare programs.

Despite his ad’s claims of keeping New Hampshire’s tax burden the nation’s lowest, the truth is, John Lynch has not saved New Hampshire taxpayers one dime.

For more information on Jim Coburn, please log on to his website www.jimcoburn.com.