A Victory for Science

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Gov. Mark Warner, Honorary Chariman

Dear Friend,

Americans can celebrate a victory for science today, now that the FDA has finally approved the use of Plan B to be issued to women without a prescription. Plan B is a safe, effective birth-control option that can prevent more unintended pregnancies and reduce the need for abortion – two goals that all Americans share.

This decision is a long time coming, and it should have come sooner. But the Bush Administration has been playing politics with science for far too long. When it comes to the health of our people, our leaders need to focus on the facts, and do what’s best for our people.

From global warming to stem-cell research there are still many battles to be fought. If you agree that it's time to stop playing politics with science, come to our web site and share your thoughts.

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Governor Mark R. Warner
Forward Together PAC

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