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Sandown Board of Selectmen Chairman and District 17 State Senate candidate Corey Corbin (D-Sandown) has released the results from a month-long poll conducted by his campaign in conjunction with a Manchester consulting company.

The main question asked of the more than 430 Democrats, Republicans and Unenrolled voters was – “If the election for State Senator in your town was held today, would you vote for Jack Barnes, Corey Corbin or are you undecided.”

In a great surprise, the final tally for that question was

Jack Barnes 35 %

Corey Corbin 32 %

Undecided 29 %

No answer 4 %

The margin of error was +/-4.5%

“We were so excited by the results when we got them that everyone in the room started yelling and jumping around. We weren’t expecting particularly  bad results, but to be within the margin of error against a 12 year incumbent with just a few months to go is an incredible feeling,” said Corbin.

Corbin attributes the results to the dedication of his campaign team and the hard work they are putting in all over the district.

“We’ve knocked on close to 2000 doors, sent thousands of pieces of mail into the district, and we are calling voters every day. We are marching in parades and meeting people at local events and really, just having a great time and the response has been so positive.

I’m not going to predict an out right win in November, but I would say to all the pundits and press who have written us off this year, you’d better keep an eye on 17, things are happening,” Corbin stated.

The poll also yielded the District’s opinion on a variety of issues, most notably the placement of video lottery terminals at racetracks to raise revenue for education.

The question – do you support permitting slot machines at New Hampshire’s commercial race tracks in order to raise money for education funding – was overwhelmingly approved by the respondents.

Yes 63%

No 28%

Undecided 7%

No answer 2%

“This question was among six issue-oriented questions and got the largest percentage of ‘yes’ respondents of any question. I’ve been at the forefront of this issue since my time as a State Representative and will continue to be as a State Senator,” said Corbin.

The poll also revealed that 71% of those responding thought a Senator who said “I’m happy the government is trying to take some of our rights away” should not be reelected. Jack Barnes made that quote on the floor of the Senate while debating a bill on REAL ID.

“We’re encouraged all the way around by the poll results. The bottom line is people are responding to my message and are getting completely turned off to Barnes when they are educated about his poor record. We’re excited and will continue to move this campaign forward,” Corbin said.