For Immediate Release

August 28, 2006

Contact: Jerry Thibodeau, Chairman,

Roy Shoults, Media Coordinator, 625-0077

Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences, Norman Cousins

Democratic Senator Lou D'Allesandro's current re-election campaign speeches include his key reason for re-electing him and putting even more Democrats into office. He gives as his main example the recent N.H. Senate vote against the proposed law that would make smoking in all restaurants illegal and punishable. Allowing that this Democratic attempt does have "good intentions" we must realize that "good intentions" do not always end up being "good." Actually their real consequences may well end up being like the surgeon's operation that was a success, but, unfortunately, the patient died.

What does die with Democratic "good intentions" is your freedoms, your liberties, your abilities to choose how you and your loved ones live their lives. Using Senator D'Allesandro's example, ask yourself, if his proposal to make smoking illegal in restaurants will take away from your abilities to choose, take away your freedoms, take away your liberties. His well-intentioned purpose is to see that "you," need not make a choice, because "you" are not likely to know any better, and if you do, he'll make it for you, anyway. He simply does not want you to have to bother making any choices where you wish to eat, or work.

The issue, therefore, is not whether smoking and second hand smoke is harmful to one's health, but rather whether one retains the ability to choose, and therefore, to keep more of one's freedoms and liberties. The issue is whether you freely wish to determine what is best for you and yours, or whether you wish to surrender this freedom, and have someone else determine what is best for you, and then make it punishable under law to disobey.

Now, this smoking issue is simply one example of what has been polarizing our nation today. Democrats proudly present their "good intentions" as if any objection is necessarily a "bad intention." But, like a stone thrown into a pond, every "good intention" sends out waves, and many of these may actually have "bad" results. Whether you are a smoker, or not, you must realize that this non-smoking proposal, like all Democratic "good intention" legislation is a matter of incrementalism. Should Democrats ever achieve the non-smoking in restaurants legislation Senator D'Allesandro so vehemently desires for your benefit, what will be the next increment? Surely, this well-meaning Senator must then make all smoking illegal to protect your health and benefit. After this, what next? Well meaning Democrats simply cannot stop taking care of you.

Some voters believe that being an Independent voter allows them to choose candidates individually. However, party realities with the Democrats today show that any candidate, whatever they say or believe during their campaign, will be highly pressured to toe the party line, or consequently be ignored, as just happened to Senator Lieberman in Connecticut, and to the N. H. Democrats in the Democratic National Committee decision to push Nevada and its "Sin City" ahead of New Hampshire's Presidential Primary. 

Therefore, the first and most important election decision you need to make is whether you value the abilities and freedoms to make your own choices and be able to act accordingly, or whether you wish to have someone else make these choices for you. "Freedom" is a two sided coin, the other side of which is "Responsibility" and this may not always be easy. The "Cocoon," on the other hand, may be a warm and comfortable place, but it is created with numerous strands of restrictive rules, regulations and laws which have their bad consequences, when one attempts to break them to get out.