Jim Craig's Statement on Harper's Magazine investigative piece about Jeb Bradley

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jean Weinberg


Jim Craig’s Statement on Harper’s Magazine investigative piece about Jeb Bradley’s Investments and Voting Record

(August 28, 2006)—Today, Congressional Candidate Jim Craig released the following statement on the Harper’s Magazine investigative piece:

We are pleased to know that we are not the only people holding Jeb Bradley accountable. Today's revelations affirm my detailed criticism of Jeb’s voting record in favor of big special interests and underscore the urgent need to bring new leadership to Washington.

I've been traveling throughout the district, talking to voters about Jeb's support for the Bush administration and big special interests; taking him to task for his double-talk record and offering solutions to fix the mess in Washington.

Apparently, the only person benefiting from higher drug prices and higher gas prices is Jeb Bradley. When I'm in Congress, my first priority will be working families, not the big oil and big pharmaceutical companies. Jeb Bradley has been a rubber stamp for George Bush long enough, it is time for a change.

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