Manchester GOP Comments on Bloated School Administration Budget


CONTACT: Roy Shoults, Sr. Co-Communications Director

Manchester Republican Committee

760 Somerville Street, #1

Manchester, NH 03103-4536


We will be waiting anxiously with bated breathes for the many outraged voices from all those at Mayor Frank Guinta's pre-budget school hearing. Now that more evidence has just been reported on the over-spending by an already over-bloated school administration, we are certain that all those at that pre-budget school hearing - the numerous teachers, their public supporters, and the bussed-in school children, with the memorized speeches they were given, are now realizing that Mayor Guinta was quite correct that the reins need tightening on a profligate School Administration and it's permissive School Board, not on the teaching staff and their classrooms.

The School Board has just promoted Karen DeFrancis, and, in doing so, gave her a pay raise beyond that which is normally done. Mayor Guinta was in favor of the promotion for DeFrancis, but was against her being hired at this excessive salary increase. There is no apparent need for doing so. The School Administration and Board just felt like being generous gift-givers with your taxpayer money. As long as it was well-intentioned, we suppose it's all right. They were surely thinking, "After all, the tax payers won't be upset about just another little dip into their pocket-books. But then, we have to add the excessively high no-bid contracts and largess passed on to the existing excessively paid school administrators. This is fast becoming an unstoppable and ever-bloated School Administration with a supportive School Board. In his original, proposed budget, Mayor Frank Guinta presented more for educational services than the previous year, with the admonition that Manchester's School Administration vs classroom teachers and actual teaching expenses and supplies was already receiving far more as a percentage of their total budget than other school districts, and needed to be better economized. While the School Board heard and are definitely changing that ratio, they seem to be going in the wrong direction by awarding an even higher amount of taxpayer monies for School Administrators. Just like Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan, they're going in the wrong direction, but where Corrigan used his own money, now it's your money they're using and wasting.

What is important for all Manchester taxpayers to realize is that the School Administration and its School Board is an institution completely independent of Mayor Guinta and the Aldermen, except for an umbilical cord attached to the tax money placenta. Along the umbilical cord is a spigot controlled by Mayor Guinta and the Aldermen. Mayor Guinta attempted to tighten up on the spigot, but got over-ruled by more than two thirds of the Aldermen, who, strangely enough, were all those well-intentioned Democrats who want to be benevolent and generous with your money. Like the enabler in a dysfunctional family, those Aldermen opened the spigot wider and caused more of your money to flow out, allowing the School Administration and Board to abuse it.

YOU , as a Manchester taxpayer, have three very important means of control on this ever-bloated Jabba the Hut educational system, and this means you MUST get out to vote at every election. Whom you vote onto the School Board is your only means of control over how well the School Administration functions - or doesn't function! Whom you vote for your Mayor, and whom you vote for your Alderman are your only last resorts for how wide the spigot allows your money to flow out to Jabba, and other expenditures. You, THE VOTER, did a fantastic job voting in Mayor Frank Guinta to guard your interests. Your next big job is to clean up the School Board and the Board of Aldermen. The "benevolent-with-your-money" current Aldermen, about whom the very best that can be said is that they mean well, but that they just don't understand that the money they're playing with is real and it's YOUR money, and that they are legally responsible for how it is spent.