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The report from the State Board of Education on the status update from the first Charter School to open in New Hampshire in September 2004 is startling and amazing! Emily Hamilton, head of the school at Seacoast Charter School in Exeter reports that her academy is thriving and has a waiting list, even though it is "an elementary school with rigorous academics that emphasizes the arts and critical thinking."

That a charter school is doing so well, and remaining so popular with its students while maintaining such high academic standards is not the "startling and amazing" part. It's not even that they are maintaining these levels at little more than half the per pupil costs of a standard public school: $6,500 vs $11,200 per pupil. What simply boggles the mind is that they have accomplished what they have, while actually given only $3,500 of the proposed $6,500.

Equally startling and amazing is that charter schools have so often been voted down, primarily because it has been claimed that these would "take away" from the public schools. With these kinds of results from charter schools, perhaps everything should be taken away from the public schools.

All this should infuriate Manchester parents and taxpayers who are currently having to over-fund a bloated School Administration and get markedly less results. Voters must remember this well when they next prepare to go to vote for their School Board Member. They must elect School Board members who will not support this kind of School Administration inefficiency and waste of funds, under the guise that more money means more education for the children when, actually, it's simply more money for bloated administrative salaries. Voters must also elect Board of Aldermen who do not feel they have to be overly generous with your tax money under the belief that they are better educating children when they are simply fattening the wallets of School Administrators.