Senators Burling Expresses Outrage at the Acceptance of $3 Million in REAL ID Bribe Money

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

CONCORD, NH – Senator Burling today expressed outrage and amazement at the Fiscal Committee’s action to accept $3 million in federal REAL ID funds, and bind New Hampshire to REAL ID.

REAL ID creates a nationwide database that will make personal information, including a photo, birth date, Social Security Number, and driving record available to the federal government. This database could easily be used by identity thieves and marketers.

“The action by the Fiscal Committee to accept money truly goes against core New Hampshire values,” stated Sen. Peter Burling, D-District 5. “New Hampshire citizens value personal privacy and personal freedom. The REAL ID act does not provide any further security for our citizens, and instead poses great new dangers to our freedom, security and safety. The acceptance of the $3 million to implement the program threatens the liberties of New Hampshire citizens”

“New Hampshire has a long tradition of opposing unfunded mandates from the Federal Government,” noted Sen. Burling. “The action of the Fiscal Committee decreases the security of New Hampshire citizens, and increases the power of the federal government to intrude into our personal lives.”

It will cost more than $12 million to convert New Hampshire driver's licenses into National ID cards, but the federal government has only promised $3 million . The rest of that burden will fall on the citizens and taxpayers of New Hampshire.

“The action taken by the Fiscal Committee today is moving New Hampshire in the wrong direction,” concluded Sen. Peter Burling. “I will continue to fight against REAL ID, and continue to support the privacy and safety of New Hampshire citizens.”