Carol Shea-Porter on Bradley Finance Articles

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Rochester, NH—Carol Shea-Porter, Congressional candidate in the First District, commented today about the Harpers’ articles on Jeb Bradley. The articles discuss Bradley’s personal wealth, political contributions to his campaign, and his record of voting for special interests.

Shea-Porter said the issue is not and should not be how much money Bradley has. “This is America, and people are allowed to have money. That is not the problem. The problem is that Jeb Bradley always votes to make sure that the bottom 99% of us doesn’t get ahead,” she said.

She pointed out that Bradley has voted against raising the minimum wage and said he is also irresponsible with taxpayers’ money. “Bradley voted to keep Medicare from being able to negotiate drug prices with the pharmaceutical industries. He stuck the NH taxpayers with the extra bill. Helping seniors with prescription costs is a wonderful goal. Helping pharmaceuticals to reach deeper into taxpayers’ pockets and allowing them to charge too much is an outrage.”

Shea-Porter cited Bradley’s support for tax cuts for the top 1%, which has created 48% of our budget deficit. “This country is broke and instead of making sure that we all pay our fair share, the Bradley-Bush team has given couples earning more than $800,000 a year special savings, and passed the cost on to the bottom 99%.”

She also said the United States is unable to pay all of its bills and has to borrow money from Communist China. Shea-Porter added that the average NH family is forced to pay for Jeb Bradley’s fiscal irresponsibility and favoritism. “As I stated many times, Jeb Bradley is entitled to his money. I just wish he felt the same way about the rest of us and our money.”

Shea-Porter lives in Rochester and is the chairwoman of the Rochester Democratic Committee. Her web site is