Statement by NH GOP Chairman Wayne Semprini in Response to Senator Reid: “We are people, too.”

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

(CONCORD,N.H.) – New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Wayne Semprini today released the following statement in response to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s comments regarding New Hampshire’s First in the Nation Primary:

“The impact of the Democrats’ decision to diminish the importance of New Hampshire’s First in the Nation primary can already be seen and felt. According to a recent article in a Nevada newspaper, candidates have already started to campaign in Nevada instead of New Hampshire. Nevada is now receiving the money, staff, and attention that New Hampshire has come to expect.

The Democrat leader in the Senate has attacked New Hampshire, saying that we have ‘no diversity and no people’. I am not sure why a leader of the Democratic Party would discount the views and opinions of over a million people. I guess his comments are indicative of the direction the Democratic Party is heading, big money and big names over real campaigning. Obviously, as far as the Democrats are concerned, the process is all about quantity not quality.

I am calling on both Governor Lynch and Kathy Sullivan, as leaders of their party, to denounce these comments and to tell the people of New Hampshire what they are doing to protect our state from the actions of their party.”

Sen. Reid (D-NV) Said Iowa And New Hampshire Shouldn’t Determine Future Outcomes Because They Have “No Diversity,” Then Said Candidates Are Coming To Nevada. Sen. Reid: “Why should this country’s future be determined by a state like Iowa where there is no diversity and a state like New Hampshire where there is no diversity and no people. … We are going to have candidates come to Nevada.” (Tony Cook and Michael J. Mishak, “Heading West,” Las Vegas [NV] 8/26/06)