The Carol Shea-Porter campaign is charging hard to the end of a long battle
for the Democratic nomination for US Congress in the First Congressional

Volunteers have sent over 21,000 postcards to likely voters -- with
handwritten messages on every one. They are canvassing in Manchester,
Rochester, and Portsmouth. They are spending their evenings and weekends
calling other Democrats and asking them to support Carol.

The Shea-Porter campaign is run on the energy of over 300 very active
volunteers. Many have been working hard since last fall. They've been
holding signs on street corners, marching in parades, persuading friends
and neighbors -- and of course stuffing envelopes.

Volunteer support has helped Shea-Porter run a highly competitive race on a
shoestring budget -- less than $40,000. The conventional political wisdom
is that a good Congressional primary campaign requires many times that
amount. But Shea-Porter has been frugal and strategic -- building a
grassroots base, firing up volunteers, and meeting voters face-to-face in
every corner of the state.

She has marched in huge parades like the one in Merrimack on July 4 and in
tiny ones like rural Effingham in Carroll County. She has spoken at county
and town Democratic Committee meetings all over the district. She has
attended barbecues, dinners, events with potential US Presidential
candidates, and a constant round of house parties. She attended every one
of the many congressional candidates' forums. At these events, Carol and
her supporters take the time to meet with voters face-to-face to discuss
the issues. They are almost always the last to leave.

According to Shea-Porter, "Our volunteers have really been incredible.
They are proof that democracy is alive and well in New Hampshire."