In school funding, "Deference has it's limits"

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September 14, 2006

The New Hampshire Communities for Adequate Funding of Education (NHcafe) has scheduled a meeting of its members Thursday, September14th at 7:00 in room 221 of the Londonderry High School . Representatives from the 19 member districts and towns as well as other communities in support of our efforts are expected to attend.

“This comes just after our success with the ruling bythe Supreme Court on appropriate school funding for New Hampshire , said Nate Greenberg Superintendent of Londonderry Schools. “We’re extremely gratified and we look forward to working with the legislature and the governor in developing something that will meet constitutional muster. As our members gather together, we are reaching out to all like-minded citizens in New Hampshire to solve the education funding problem once and for all.”

“The Court has published a road map to be followed. It has a beginning, middle, and an end. NHcafe is ready to start down that road and prepared to have a very successful journey , ” Steve Young of NHcafe and also Chairman of the Londonderry School Board made it very clear. “It will not be enough for candidates running for office this year to ‘Support School Funding’ the candidates will need to prove where they have stood in the past and provide details for the future. This will be the most dynamic legislative session ever seen in the New Hampshire GeneralCourt. The race is on and the finish line is firmly planted in the month of June 2007.”

Thursday’s meeting will lead off with William Chapman of Orr&Reno who will discuss and respond to questions regarding our recent court victory and ruling by the Supreme Court. The title of his presentation taken directly from the court decision is “Deference has its limits.” The presentation will be a full review of the position of the court and the path it sets forth. A roundtable follows on where we go next, and what actions members take.