Jim Coburn's Statement on Supreme Court Education Ruling

Contact: Brendan McQuaid


ForImmediate Release

September 8th2006

“As Governor, I will make it a top priority to solve the education funding crisis. The latest Supreme Court ruling has made it clear that a constitutional amendment is an essential component of a permanent solution. I will provide the leadership necessary to get one on the ballot and get it passed. Our current Governor has failed to provide the leadership necessary to solve this problem as he promised during his 2004 campaign. His lack of leadership and opposition to a constitutional amendment has ensured that we remain without a lasting solution. Once again, unelected judges have decided they are more capable of determining our children’s future than our elected representatives. I pledge that as Governor I will make education funding a top priority, I feel that ‘adequacy’ is too low of a standard and will strive for an excellent education for our children, a goal we cannot achieve as long as the courts retain control of this issue.”

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