Roadmap to School Funding

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September8, 2006

Today the New Hampshire Supreme Court issued a ruling affirming that the State has failed to define a constitutionally adequate education.

The New Hampshire Communities for Adequate Funding of Education ("NHcafe"), a coalition of nineteen school district units and towns, is grateful that the Supreme Court has ruled that the Legislature must define an adequate education. By providing standards that are “enforceable and reviewable” parents, school districts, the legislature and the courts will know “where the State’s obligations to fund the cost of a constitutionally adequate education begin and end”

It is clear that the court has provided a roadmap to define, cost out, fund, and ensure accountability for providing an adequate education. NHcafe members join with other like-minded communities from throughout the state who have fought for adequate funding for over a decade. The time is now to devote our collective efforts to education before the end of the 2007 legislative session and urge lawmakers to follow the roadmap this decision provides. NHcafe once again stands ready to assist in any way the Legislature believes would be helpful.