Contact: Brendan McQuaid


For Immediate Release

September 13th 2006

DemandsGovernor Lead to Solve Education Funding Now

Manchester , NH – Jim Coburn calls for passage of a newly proposed constitutional amendment on education. The amendment has been proposed by former Superior and Supreme Court Justice Chuck Douglas. Coburn is calling on John Lynch to take a bipartisan leadership role to get the issue through a special session of the legislature and put before the voters on November 7th.

“If we do not act now to keep the courts from deciding the future of our state’s education funding we will be put into a situation where we have no other choice than to institute a broad based tax, we cannot allow unelected judges to destroy the tax free advantage we have worked so hard to maintain. The Supreme Court has stated that they will determine the state’s education funding if the legislative and executive branches do not put forth a plan to their liking by the end of June. The only way to ensure that elected representatives decide the future of New Hampshire is an amendment telling unelected judges that the only constitutional funding solution will be one decided by the people’s elected representatives.”

The Douglas Amendment being championed by Coburn reads: The definition of an adequate education, and the funding of same by the state, shall be exclusively decided by the legislative and executive branches of government. Coburn proposes that the amendment be put to a special session of the legislature to be put on the ballot in November.

“I am calling on the Governor to finally demonstrate some leadership so we can keep the fate of New Hampshire in the hands of the people’s representatives before it is too late and a sales or income taxis forced upon us. At this point it is either amend or spend.”