For Immediate Release
Contact: Tad Furtado
September 14, 2006

Concord , NH - Congressman Charles Bass (R-NH02) strongly supported H. Res. 1000, a bill to require more accountability and transparency in federal spending. The bill passed the House by a bipartisan vote of 245 to 171.

"Reforming the budget setting and spending practices of the government has long been a priority of mine and I was pleased to work with my House colleagues in setting these strict new rules," said Bass. "Taxpayers ought to be able to know exactly who benefits from any new federal spending and which Member of Congress has proposed the project."

The bill would require authorization, tax, and spending bills to list all earmarks included and the project's sponsor. In Fiscal Year 2006, almost ten thousand Congressionally-directed projects were included in the 11 appropriations bills that set all discretionary federal spending, at a cost of almost $30 billion. This represents almost a doubling of both the number and cost of these earmarks since Fiscal Year 2000.

"Federal support for worthy local projects should be maintained, but the practice of adding them without attribution and very late in the process should be abolished," addedBass. " 'Bridges-to-Nowhere' and other back room deals for members in both parties must be brought into the sunshine and done away with. I am willing to defend every dollar of federal support for New Hampshire that I fight for and have no hesitation whatsoever in announcing that support; every other Member of Congress should be willing to do the same."