Carol Shea-Porter's response to Bradley's attack

CONTACT: Kathleen Porter, (603) 531-9653

Rochester, NH—On Wednesday, September 13th, less than 12 hours after the votes were counted in the NH primary, candidate Jeb Bradley held a press conference to launch an attack against Democratic challenger Carol Shea-Porter.

Shea-Porter, who has been flooded with interview requests from the local, state and national press, interrupted her schedule to issue the following brief remark:

"Jeb Bradley knows that I am in step with New Hampshire voters, and that is why he attacked me. I am for affordable health care; I am for a tax policy that is fair to the middle-class; I want a government that doesn't do special favors for the multi-national corporations; I am against privatizing Social Security. If Jeb Bradley truly listened to the people of New Hampshire, he would find out that they want the same thing, regardless of party affiliation."