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September 14th 2006

DecidesPolitical Endorsements Are More Important Than Education Funding

Concord , NH – On a day when New Hampshire citizens eagerly await John Lynch answer to permanently solve the education funding crisis, he instead discussed his political endorsements. One of those endorsements coming from Liz Hager, whose 1999 income tax proposal was supported in a Concord Monitor editorial today. Jim Coburn has already announced his support for a constitutional amendment to remove unelected activist judges from deciding New Hampshire’s educational and economic future. Coburn criticized John Lynch for his continued lack of leadership on this issue. Coburn also renewed his request that Lynch show true bipartisanship and work with members of his own Democratic party to get a special session of the legislature to take up the issue and present it to the voters this November.

“The people of New Hampshire continue looking to John Lynch for real leadership on this issue. Unfortunately John Lynch feels political endorsements are more important than leading the state of New Hampshire. He has refused to lead in placing a constitutional amendment on November’s ballot, apparently thinking that five unelected judges are more capable of deciding our state’s future than the citizens of New Hampshire. I have faith that the people will make the right decision if given the chance and ask John Lynch to join with me in support of placing a constitutional amendment on the ballot and letting the voters decide.”