For Immediate Release
September 15, 2006
Contact: Tad Furtado

Washington , D.C. - Congressman Charles F. Bass(NH-02) hosted his annual New Hampshire Librarian Trip to Washington, DC on Thursday. This has become a tradition with approximately 50 community and school librarians from across the state coming to the nation's capital.

"Our librarians remain at the heart of our communities and education system," said Bass. "Access to local and global information is more important today than it has ever been and our libraries area keystone in today's modern world. The publicly available information resources and training offered by library staff ensures a level playing field for all Americans in competing within a global market or simply looking for news and entertainment."

According to the American Library Association, 98.9 percent of public libraries offer free access to computers and the Internet - a growth of about 400 percent since 1996, when just one in four libraries had these resources.

"Hosting these Granite State public servants in the nation's capital is very rewarding to me and I am pleased that it has become so popular year after year," concluded Bass. "We use this day to connect some of the best education and community leaders in New Hampshire with some of the incredible resources at the Library of Congress and other federal institutions."

The group toured the new Smithsonian National Museum of American Indian, the U.S. Capitol, and the Library of Congress. Additionally, the Librarian of the Library of Congress, Dr. James Billington, met with the group and discussed many of the resources and programs that the Library of Congress makes available for local libraries and educators.