Carol Shea-Porter on Social Security privatization

DATE:  September 19, 2006
CONTACT: Harry Gural,    (202) 246-1475
Congressional candidate Carol Shea-Porter held a press conference this morning to speak about the Bush administration's plans to privatize Social Security.
She briefly described a 2005 event held in Portsmouth, during which President Bush called for privatizing Social Security.  Carol recounted how she was roughly handled by a male staffer as she was leaving the event -- she declined to press charges.
She then spoke at greater length about Bush administration plans to privatize Social Security, which she staunchly opposes.  Carol Shea-Porter stated that the Social Security program can be put on solid financial footing by making small changes.  For example, she pointed out that currently income over $90,000 per year is exempt from payroll taxes (Social Security and Medicare).  A waitress making $30,000 a year pays a higher percentage of her income for Social Security insurance than someone making over $1,000,000 per year.
Although the 2005 pro-privatization event was held in Jeb Bradley's Congressional District, he did not attend.  It is not known whether he met with President Bush at the time to discuss Social Security, and he did not issue a public statement.  Bradley has repeatedly refused to state a clear position on Social Security privatization.
The Bush administration included plans for privatization in its 2007 budget.  According to Shea Porter, "The battle is not over.  This issue is not dead.  The Republican administation is determined to push privatization after the fall elections."
"I completely oppose Social Security privatization.  Mr. Bradley has refused to oppose privatization.  If Jeb Bradley won't stand up for Social Security, then I will."