Giuliani to Headline House PAC Fundraiser

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Contact: Mike Whalley (603) 875-7266

(Concord) Representative Mike Whalley today announced that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani will headline a fundraiser for the House Republican Victory Committee on October 12th at the Holiday Inn in Concord.

When Rudy Giuliani speaks about keeping America safe and winning the war on terror, people listen. He’ll be a huge draw and help us raise money and promote our candidates for the House,” said Whalley.

What: Fundraising Lunch for the House Republican Victory Committee

Where: Holiday Inn, Concord

When: 11:30 am VIP Reception $250 per person

Noon Lunch $125 per person

How: Contact: Mike Whalley (603) 875-7266

In 1993, Rudy Giuliani was elected Mayor of New York, becoming the first Republican to run the nation's largest city in a generation. At the time, New York was widely considered "ungovernable" - suffering an average of 2000 murders a year, with 1 out of every 7 New Yorkers on welfare, while businesses were abandoning the city.

Rudy made it a priority to return the city to a path of fiscal responsibility, turning an inherited $2 billion deficit into a $3 billion surplus, cutting taxes an unprecedented 23 times, saving individuals and businesses more than $8 billion cumulatively.

During the course of his eight years as mayor, Rudy made the police department more proactive in the fight against crime, reducing murders by nearly 70 percent – turning New York into the safest large city in America, according to the FBI. His pioneering welfare reforms transformed Welfare Offices into Job Centers, bringing 650,000 people from dependency to the dignity of self-sufficiency.

When our nation was attacked on September 11th, 2001, Mayor Giuliani led the recovery of his city from its darkest hour. With a record of proven leadership, crowned by being named Time Magazine's "Man of the Year" in 2001, and writing the international best seller Leadership, Rudy Giuliani has become known around the world as a symbol for the resurgence of urban America and the resilience of the American spirit.

I look forward to working with Representative Whalley and the House Republican Victory Committee to help elect Republican candidates dedicated to finding responsible, common sense solutions to the challenges that America faces ,” said Mayor Giuliani.