For Immediate Release

September 20, 2006

Contact: Roy Shoults, Media Coordinator, 603-625-0077

John Cox is returning to New Hampshire to continue promoting his campaign as a presidential candidate for 2008. He presents the following basis for his campaign and the initiatives for governing once elected. We urge all to come and see this compelling and enthusiastic candidate at the event below on Wednesday, September 27, 2006 at 6 PM.

"I'm seeking the presidency because we need a true outsider to address the difficult problems we face. Too many of the potential candidates in 2008 are senators, governors and other career politicians who have supported greater spending, higher taxes or short-term fixes to long-term problems. America is at a crossroads. Major challenges went unanswered in the Bush administration: A tax system that punishes savings, a social security system bound for demographic disaster, schools that are failing and don't have much hope of change, health care continuing to be priced out of reach and a war on terror that has still failed to bring the world completely along with our country. I truly do not believe the other potential candidates – all insiders and professional politicians - can speak to the American people, gain their trust and move this country forward."

What will my priorities be in governing?

"Safety and security is number one - if we are not safe, we do not have an economy or a future. We need to remember the principle of limited government and our inherent right to freedom and opportunity. We must also respect the traditional values that have been the bedrock of American life and the essential foundation of our success. The respect for life, the care of our children, and the compassion for our elderly are all the traditional values we have built our society around. An ownership society, an opportunity society, a society that honors the individual initiative in preference to the state - these are the priorities we need to re-establish in our federal government."


Greater Manchester Young Republican Fundraiser With


Presidential Candidate John Cox 

Wednesday September 27th 6PM


at Richards Bistro
36 Lowell Street Manchester


$25 Per Person $100 For Event Sponsors


RSVP By Calling David Hurst at 603-540-3390 or


Email Him at


Proceeds to Benefit The Greater Manchester Young Republicans