Carol Shea-Porter calls for Jeb Bradley to issue an open letter on his views of privatization

DATE: September 21, 2006
CONTACT: Harry Gural, (202) 246-1475

This morning, Carol Shea-Porter telephoned Republican candidate Jeb Bradley to ask that he issue an open letter to New Hampshire Senators Judd Gregg and John Sununu clarifying his position on Social Security privatization. Both Gregg and Sununu have strongly supported the Bush administration's plans to privatize Social Security.

Carol Shea-Porter called Congressman Bradley's office at 9:15 AM. A Bradley staffer reported that the Congressman was unavailable. Carol She-Porter left a clear message for Mr. Bradley asking him to reveal his position on privatization to the people of New Hampshire and to the two Republican Senators. She asked Bradley to stand up and state clearly whether he supports Gregg and Sununu's privatization plan or our current Social Security program.

Until now, Bradley has hedged on the issue of privatization by trying to say that he is for personal accounts while he is against private accounts. Both terms describe exactly the same plan which has been aggressively marketed by the Bush administration and by House and Senate Republicans.

Carol Shea-Porter stated, "Jeb said that he was against privatization before he said he was for it before he said he was against it."