Manchester Republican Committee reacts to sign stealing

For Immediate Release

September 22, 2006

Contact: Roy Shoults, Media Coordinator, 603-625-0077


In a recent offer of bipartisan cooperation, the Manchester Republican Committee graciously extended their help in saving Democratic campaign workers and supporters from their efforts, time, and illegalities in their activity of going around and picking up Republican signs and storing them in Kathleen Sullivan's garage as they did last year. We had offered to Kathleen Sullivan, Chairwoman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, that if she would provide to the Manchester Republican Committee a key to her garage, we could have the signs put there directly. This would not only save her campaign workers and supporters their time and efforts in doing so, but would also remove them from the illegal consequences of being caught doing so.

The Manchester Republican Committee and Chairman Thibodeau have to apologize to Alderman Betsi DeVries for not including her directly in this offer to put Republican signs in her garage, or any other place of her choosing. Ever since this neglect, many, many re-election signs of District 18, Senator Andy Martel's have illegally disappeared. If all these many activities had been done by her workers and supporters because we had neglected to include her in this offer, we definitely owe her an apology. So, Betsi, in the future, please furnish us with a key to your garage, or wherever you would like our signs stored, and we will have them put there initially, so your staff and supporters will never have to consider endangering themselves in illegal activities..