Congressman Bradley Opposes Shea-Porter's Budget Cuts For Defense

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 25, 2006

CONTACT: Campaign Press Office

(603) 626-5300

(Manchester) – Congressman Jeb Bradley expressed deep concern today about Carol Shea-Porter’s recent statement proposing a drastic reduction in defense spending. Shea-Porter responded to the Organic Consumers Fund Candidate Survey 2006 (see #14 of attached survey), stating she, “Supports ending the Iraq war and redirecting funds from the $500 billion annual military spending in the U.S. towards greening the U.S. economy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and converting U.S. agriculture to organic practices.”

“This statement illuminates Carol’s thoughts on defense of our nation and is clearly not in the mainstream. To think that Carol would dangerously slash the defense budget and use it to convert agriculture to organic leaving our nation and our troops vulnerable, is of great concern,” said Congressman Bradley.

The annual defense budget not only funds our troops, including their pay, benefits and housing, but it also funds important military aircraft and weapon systems, as well as ship and submarine programs.

“At a time when the NH and Maine delegations, on a bipartisan basis, are working hard to ensure that the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard remains a viable part of our nation’s defense, it is very troubling that Carol wants to put the Shipyard in jeopardy once again,” said Bradley.

“I am also very proud of the defense companies that are based right here in New Hampshire. Not only do they contribute to protecting our country, but they play a significant role in keeping our local economy strong and creating jobs for New Hampshire workers.

I would hope that Carol Shea-Porter makes her beliefs and issue positions clear to the voters of the First District,” concluded Congressman Bradley.