For Immediate Release

Date September 24, 2006

Contact: JerryThibodeau

41 Alpheus Street

Manchester ,NH 03103

MRC Chairman

603-623-3011 X 102

The Democratic candidates, and their cronies, have a fear of loosing, so great; they are willing to ignore the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

The First amendment guarantees the freedom of speech, however; the challengers find that this freedom is in a direct conflict with their ability to win a Senate seat, consequently, a large number of campaign signs throughout the three senatorial districts have been removed or damaged.

Signs are mysteriously disappearing and or vandalized as fast as they are being placed on private property, approved by the landowner.

Fear is a driving force that will encourage those of little or no morality or scruples to destroy private property and refuse to allow the freedom of speech to others as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Should the Democratic candidates that cannot control their supporters who elicit in illegal activity, and have little or no regard for the Constitution and its Amendments, be elected to represent the voters?