New Hampshire Sheriffs Join Straight Talk America


Wednesday, September 27,2006 703-684-0067

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Seven New Hampshire County Sheriffs will join Straight Talk America to form a law enforcement advisory committee to counsel Senator McCain on issues involving the 2006 elections.

Joining Straight Talk America are Sheriffs Scott Carr (Carroll County), Doug Dutile (Grafton County), Dick Foote (Cheshire County), Jim Hardy (Hillsborough County), Chet Jordan(Merrimack County – outgoing), Scott Hilliard (Merrimack County –Republican Nominee), and Gerald Marcou (Coos County).

Scott Carr, president of the Sheriff’s Association and a Bush 2000 supporter, said, “John McCain knows New Hampshire, he knows national security, and he knows how to win on the issues that are most important to Americans. I am honored to join with my colleagues to support his efforts.”

Jim Hardy, sheriff of the largest county in New Hampshire and a Bush 2000 supporter said, “There is no greater national leader than John McCain. His hard work to elect quality candidates up and down the ticket this year, as he has done for so many years before, will make a huge difference in this close election.”

McCain said, “The New Hampshire sheriffs are closely tied to their local communities and always have their finger on the pulse of the local citizenry. I am truly humbled to have their support and advice on the critical issues facing law enforcement.”