For Immediate Release

September 27th 2006

Wants Amendment to Prevent Unelected Judges From Creating Education Policy

Manchester , NH - Jim Coburn is once again taking the lead to solve the Education Funding Crisis by calling for a constitutional amendment to remove the New Hampshire Supreme Court from its self appointed role as creator of education policy and funding. Coburn has stepped into the leadership role left vacant by John Lynch who has not presented any plan to solve this crisis before the court imposed deadline of July 2007. The Governor has determined that New Hampshire can wait for three more months of inaction before taking a leadership role on this issue.

“John Lynch says now is not the time to act, but has yet to tell New Hampshire his plan for when his magic time for action arrives. John Lynch has ignored the urgency of this situation and the fact that the only permanent solution will remove unelected judges from the process. It is not too late to put an amendment on the ballot to let the people decide whether they want their elected representatives, not unelected judges, deciding New Hampshire’s educational and economic future. I am working hard to educate the public and my fellow legislators of the importance of this issue and the need to take immediate action. I fully expect that my fellow legislators will make the right choice on this issue, but I realize the constraints of time may prevent an agreement before November. This is why I pledge today that as Governor I will refuse to enforce any court imposed education funding plan. I will also continue to provide real leadership to achieve a constitutional amendment so we can address the true issue of providing our children a quality education,” Coburn said today.