Today, Carol Shea-Porter called on Congressman Jeb Bradley to comment on the recently revealed National Intelligence Estimate on global terrorism, which argues that the war in Iraq has fueled the growth of terrorist groups worldwide.  The Intelligence Community's assessment directly refutes Bush administration claims that the US is "winning the War on Terror."

The report declares that the war in Iraq has served as a recruiting tool for terrorists worldwide.  Terrorist organizations have proliferated across the globe, each with its own agenda.  We are not, as the administration insists, fighting just al-Qa'ida.  The NIE states that US war in Iraq has inflamed the Muslim world and that this greatly increases the chances of future terrorist strikes against the US.  This confirms what former US Army generals have been saying for several years.

According to Shea-Porter, "The Bush administration's conduct of the war in Iraq has been like pouring gasoline on the Middle East. The fire is spreading to all corners of the globe and eventually it will burn us.  America is far less safe than it was when we invaded Iraq.  The intelligence community warned the administration about these dangers at that time.  The President and his supporters in Congress cannot say that they didn't know.  This was willful negligence."

Last weekend, the Bush administration de-classified select portions of the NIE under pressure from Democrats and from a few members of its own party.  The rest of the document remains classified.  Since revelations about the NIE surfaced over the weekend, Congressman Jeb Bradley has failed to issue a public statement on the issue. 

"The Republican Congress has blindly chosen to accept the administration's previous claims about the war.  It failed to ask tough questions even after the administration's claims were proven wrong.  Jeb Bradley claims to be tough on defense, but he has been willfully naive.  If he wants to make America safer, he should demand that the administration de-classify the entire National Intelligence Estimate.  It is a Congressman's job to ask questions and act on the answers, not to bury the evidence."