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Contact:Wayne Semprini


Wednesday, September 6, 2006


(CONCORD, N.H.)– In a rare display of unity, three of the state’s major newspapers known for their widely diverse opinions, have written editorials that come tothe same conclusion: Despite being anointed by national Democrats out of Washington, Jim Craig is not fit to be the Democratic nominee.

In this unusual trifecta, the Concord Monitor, The Union Leader, and the Portsmouth Herald have all been critical of candidate Jim Craig and the tactics displayed by his campaign.

The Concord Monitor stated on September 3rd, “Voters should see this for what it is: a repugnant act by the big-foot national party to usurp their right to choose the nominee who best suits their interests.”

The PortsmouthHerald on September 3rd said in it’s endorsement of Democrat Carol Shea-Porter, “…..we must also say how distressed we are at what we see as the complete lack of vision, honesty and forthrightness of the Democratic candidate being supported by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, state Rep. Jim Craig. It appears Craig has no intention of letting anyone know where he stands on any of the vital issues facing this state and country. His answers to questions are Democratic Party pabulum and appear to be consciously designed to give no hint as to where the candidate himself stands.”

And the Union Leader on July 30th said, “Jim Craig stands for sitting down. If he stands for anything else, he is not letting on.” The editorial continued, “On the greatest political questions of the day, Rep. Craig had no answer.” The editorial concluded, “Jim Craig is running for Congress because it’s the next step in his career path. What will he do if he gets there? Who knows? He certainly doesn’t.”

“It’s hopefully a clear message to Jim and his campaign team that this type of negative, dishonest campaign has no place in New Hampshire. We send Jim our hearty congratulations for bringing the newspapers of New Hampshire together. It’s no small achievement to have three of the state’s major newspapers agreeing that he does not deserve the nomination. Perhaps it’s time for Jim Craig to wear his own clothes instead of the DCCC’s,” said Wayne Semprini, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Committee.