Marijuana Policy Press Conference to Precede Committee Hearing

Concord, NH (Jan. 16) – The recently launched Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy will hold a press conference Wednesday, Jan. 17, at 9:30 a.m. in the LOB lobby.  The event will precede a hearing in which the House Criminal Justice Committee will hear testimony on HB 92, a bill which would decriminalize marijuana in the state of New Hampshire.
“At this early point in the process, the most important debate will be between people who are willing to openly discuss marijuana policy and people who are not,” explained Matt Simon, an organizer of the Coalition.  “We can’t allow the War on Marijuana to continue silencing the marijuana policy debate our state urgently needs.”
The Coalition for Common Sense hopes committee members will choose to study this legislation carefully and take time to hear from their constituents before making a decision. 
The press conference will be attended by bill sponsors and expert witnesses.