Carol Shea-Porter votes for the Clean Energy Act

WASHINGTON, DC- Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter voted today to repeal tax breaks for oil companies and to invest in renewable energy.

The Clean Energy Act (H.R. 6) passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 264 to 123 . The votecapped a six-day legislative drive by House Democrats, who passed legislation to raise the minimum wage, strengthen ethics rules, implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations, require the federal government to negotiate lower prices for the Medicare prescription drug program, to promote stem cell research, and to help make America energy independent. Every one of the bills passed, often with considerable support from Republicans who broke rank with their leadership.


"This is the beginning of the end of corporate welfare for big oil companies," said Shea-Porter.


" Anyone who has been at the gas pump in the last few years is painfully aware of the cost of our dependence on foreign oil. Passing this bill is a big step in the right direction."