PrioritiesNH puts candidate calendar online

PrioritiesNH is making it easy for New Hampshire citizens to reach out and touch the NH Presidential Primary candidates.

The Concord-based non-profit campaign for sensible budget priorities has posted a publicly-accessible candidate calendar on its Web site, at The calendar is updated several times daily and can be sorted by the candidate name, the city or town he or she is visiting, the date, and the name of the event.

While many advocacy organizations distribute candidate schedules only to their members, PrioritiesNH put its schedule online because, “We believe in the NH Primary and we want to encourage as many New Hampshire citizens as possible to be involved,” said PrioritiesNH Director Steve Varnum. “We also know that people in New Hampshire want a larger proportion of their taxes to go toward education, health care, renewable energy and job training, and less to Pentagon waste, and we’re helping them communicate that to the candidates.”

PrioritiesNH is working to change America's budget priorities to reflect a national commitment to education, healthcare, energy independence, job training and deficit reduction -- at no additional taxpayer expense -- by shifting funding from obsolete Cold War and nuclear weapons. A panel of military experts says the Pentagon wastes $60 billion each year on obsolete Cold War weapons and excessive nuclear weapons. A piece of legislation in Congress, the Common Sense Budget Act, would redistribute that $60 billion to domestic and international human needs.

PrioritiesNH’s home page is