GOP Chairmanship: Simmons decides not to run

January 20, 2007, NORTH HAMPTON, NH- Today Peter Simmons announced that he has decided not to run for the Republican State Committee Chairmanship.

"I was completely overwhelmed not only by being asked to run in the first place, but by the enormous amount of interest from people who strongly encouraged me to run. I am very thankful to those that pledged their support," Simmons said.

"However, every major decision in life like this must be weighed against the other commitments that I have. Right now I am simply unable to make the sort of time commitment that I feel that I would have to make in order to be the type of Chairman that I would want to be."

Simmons added, "Our party deserves nothing short of a full-time Chairman working tirelessly to rebuild our party and give the voters a clear choice for electing Republicans who stand up for them on all the issues. I hope that our next Chair understands this. I wish all candidates the very best and will continue to be a loyal Republican."