Democracy for New Hampshire joins DFA for Activist Training 1/27/07

(Concord – January 22nd, 2007) This weekend will see activists from all over New Hampshire coming together to share ideas and sharpen their skills with national organizers from Democracy for America and their local allies Democracy for New Hampshire.

Presidential candidates have already begun campaigning in New Hampshire and the DFA/DFNH training plans to prepare activists to become assets to candidates they support and help them win in New Hampshire and across the country. Experienced campaign professionals will also cover practical strategies and tactics including communications, fundraising, voter targeting, online organizing, legislative issue advocacy, and building a sustainable grassroots movement.

Date: Saturday, January 27, 2007  9:00 AM
Venue: Center for Service and Citizenship
2500 N. River Road,
Southern New Hampshire University Student Center

For Democracy for New Hampshire, this collaboration with DFA represents another step in their efforts to work with groups that share their values. Groups that Democracy for New Hampshire has worked with in the last two years include:

•     AmericaVotes,
•     America Coming Together
•     Women Making a Difference
•     NH for Healthcare
•     Election Defense Alliance
•     University of New Hampshire
•     Accountability Coalition
•     New Hampshire Citizens Alliance
•     Granite State Fair Tax Coalition
•     PrioritiesNH
•     Progressive States Network
•     Public Action for Clean Elections
•     Black Box Voting
•     New Hampshire Secretary of State