Concord, NH (Jan. 23) – U. S. Congressman and likely Presidential contender Ron Paul (R-TX) has announced he will speak at the Free State Project's New Hampshire Liberty Forum, which will run from Feb 23-25, 2007 in Concord, NH.

"We are very pleased to have Dr. Paul at the Forum", said Irena Goddard, Liberty Forum director. "He has represented libertarian values throughout his political career. We are sure he will feel very welcome here." She added, "New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary status, its 'Live Free or Die' motto, and its liberty-minded residents are the reasons why this state was chosen as the Free State. It's a great location for the Liberty Forum, and this is reflected in the caliber of the speakers who have agreed to participate."

Also speaking at the Forum will be author and 20/20 anchorman John< Stossel, 2004 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik, national chairman for the Republican Liberty Caucus Bill Westmiller, CATO institute director of research Jim Harper, and a bevy of other limited-government luminaries.

The Forum will also include discussion panels featuring native New Hampshire grassroots activists who share the goals of the incoming Free-Staters. "Thank God these people are here", said Jane Aitken, Executive Board member of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers. "The Free-Staters are invigorating all sorts of liberty-oriented organizations. We have more people than ever before, who are motivated to roll their sleeves and get things done."

In addition, several New Hampshire State Representatives will attend the event. Among them is State Representative Steve Vaillancourt, who hosts a local television program with libertarian viewpoints. Vaillancourt will participate in a broadcast media panel discussion. He will be joined by Ian Bernard, host of the nationally-syndicated talk radio program "Free Talk Live."

Vallaincourt has co-sponsored legislation to decriminalize marijuana. He will be joined at the Forum by Rob Kampia, Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project, and by former undercover narcotics officer Jack Cole, who now serves as Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, an organization dedicated to ending America's "war on drugs."

The Liberty Forum is sponsored by the Free State Project, the national movement to recruit pro-liberty, small government activists to move to New Hampshire to concentrate their political efforts in one place. This will be the first official gathering of Free Staters since the Project declared success this January in recruiting 1000 early movers (Currently, more than 7,500 are signed up for the Project, but these 1000 have pledged to be the first wave of movers to the state by the end of 2008.)

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