2008 President: Libertarian George Phillies Offers a Choice.

The 2008 Presidential race is under way. Leading Republican candidates support the War on Iraq and call for escalation. Leading Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton voted for the war, and called for a larger Army. No matter whether you support a Democrat or a Republican, "More War" may be in your future.

Libertarians disagree. Leading Libertarian party Presidential contender George Phillies calls for ending the War on Iraq and bringing our troops home. State militias should stay in their states, defending our towns, farms, and borders. "We've sent three thousand Americans to their deaths," he says. "Another ten thousand Americans have been crippled for life, with missing arms or legs, brain damage, and other terrible war wounds. For what?"

Phillies, 59, long-time Libertarian Party member and physics professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, reminds listeners of our supposed objectives: "Weapons of Mass Destruction? There weren't any. September 11? Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with it. Iraqi ties to Al Qaeda? Saddam Hussein was a secular socialist who detested Osama bin Laden's faith. We fought a war for no reason."

The Libertarian Party calls for ending foreign aid, cutting support for corrupt foreign dictators, and bringing our men home from around the world. "World War II ended 60 years ago," Phillies reminded listeners, "We still have garrison troops over there. The Cold War ended. We maintain vast armies and fleets to stop a Soviet Union that collapsed before Bill Clinton became President. That's money out of your pocketbooks, into the pockets of distant arms manufacturers and their stockholders." Phillies urged that the search for bin Laden continue, but emphasized it was a job for spies, not armored divisions.

Libertarians support a sensible national defense. A sensible defense makes your military proportionate to the threat, not proportionate to imaginary risks. America currently spends half the world's defense budget. Our allies account for most of the rest. That's money not available to create jobs, support small businesses, or educate our children: That's money not available to ensure that the America of 2070 is as strong as the America of 2007.

Libertarian George Phillies says there is a simple lesson here: "For more of the same, vote Democratic-Republican. For real change for the better, vote Libertarian."


George Phillies is a Libertarian candidate for President in 2008. Phillies, 59, lives in Worcester Massachusetts, where he teaches physics at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is also an author, with eight published books on statistical mechanics, game design, and science fiction.

For more information, see the candidate's website: http://www.phillies2008.com or contact the candidate: campaign@phillies2008.com or call 508 754 1859.