Phillies Condemns Internet Poker Ban

Worcester, Massachusetts. Libertarian Presidential candidate George Phillies today condemned the Internet Poker Ban. Phillies called for ending the ban. He promised that if elected he would call upon Congress to repeal their ban on internet poker gaming.

"Poker is as American as apple pie," Phillies said. "Internet poker players are not terrorists. Congress passed the poker ban because too many Congressmen believe in using the Federal government to impose their religious opinions on you and me. The internet poker ban has to go."

Phillies reminded readers that America was founded by people fleeing persecution, persecution because their practices conflicted with someone else's religion. Now, he said, Congress persecutes internet gamblers because someone else's religion deprecates card games. "The internet poker ban is Un-American," he added.

Phillies urged Americans: "Vote for the only Party that wants to protect your right to gamble on the internet. Vote Libertarian!"

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