John Cox, Republican candidate for President, today responded to the "Pittsfield Presidential Proclamation" appeal issued by local political activist Tom Adamson.

Cox will speak at noon Saturday, Feb. 3 at the Pittsfield Community Center.

Adamson is an information technology professor at Southern New Hampshire University. Refreshments will be served for those who attend. All area Republicans are invited to the event.

The first Republican to enter the presidential race, Cox is an Illinois entrepreneur and former president of the Cook County Republican Party.

Cox said he is running "a genuine grassroots campaign" and called small-town campaigning, "the most rewarding in the political arena."

"New Hampshire offers the unique chance to meet many voters one-on-one," he said. "I’m looking forward to meeting the residents of Pittsfield and sharing my vision for America’s future."

Pittsfield has about 4,000 residents, and situated off Route 28, north of Concord.

He said he is not deterred from campaigning aggressively in New Hampshire by the prospect of a front-loaded Presidential primary season. He has recently opened a campaign headquarters in Manchester, along with offices in Des Moines, Iowa and Columbia, South Carolina.

Cox is a social conservative, a fiscal conservative and a Republican who acts like a Republican. He says letting the people decide who will be the next president, rather than party elites, is important to him.

"Our campaign’s message of returning America’s political system back to the people, away from the career politicians, is being well received everywhere I go," he said.

He plans to speak with residents about illegal immigration because he believes stopping illegal immigration and securing our borders are among the most pressing issues our nation is facing.