Jim Craig Releases Plan to Empower Grassroots in NH

MANCHESTER- Jim Craig, candidate for New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair, released his Grassroots Empowerment Plan today. "Democrats have an opportunity to profoundly impact the political landscape in New Hampshire for years to come by empowering our grassroots like never-before" said Craig. "By implementing this grassroots plan, we will be able to ensure that our grassroots networks have the resources they need to help us win in 2008 and beyond" he concluded.

  • Working with every town and county chair in order to provide them with the resources they need to be successful in 2008 and beyond. To do this, the NHDP will conduct statewide training sessions which focus on organization, fundraising techniques, communicating with the media, and the voter file. By providing our grassroots organizations with the information and support they need to win, we will not only be able to protect our incumbents statewide, but also pick up seats in traditionally "red" areas.
  • To further bridge the gap between local town and county committees, grassroots activists, and the NHDP, we will implement an unprecedented grassroots grant system. In order to facilitate this process, the NHDP will put out a request for proposals (RFP) from the County Committees for cash grants to fund their grassroots organizing programs.  The RFP will require the county committees to submit plans that will aim to ultimately make the Democratic Party the majority party in their county or build on existing majorities.  The plans will include a goal, methods, a timeline, and benchmarks that must be met in order for funding to continue.  The plans will also include a fundraising component that will ultimately make the plans self-sustaining.  The program will be capped at $10,000 per county, per election cycle.
  • While strengthening our local committees must be one of our top priorities, we also must look to empower our other grassroots networks, and find creative ways to involve all Democrats in party building activities. By creating New Hampshire Democratic Party constituency caucuses, we will be able to strengthen our relationships with all of the diverse communities in our state, and also develop ways in which we can better engage them in the political process. Accomplishing this goal will require that we undertake the challenge of reinvigorating and expanding grassroots participation in our state like never-before, and with active collaboration, we will be able to achieve this feat.
  • In addition to developing our present infrastructure, we must also build relationships with existing grassroots organizations outside the sphere of the NHDP, and consequently, include them in the party-building process. By not restricting ourselves to exclusively implementing techniques employed in previous election cycles, and expanding our strategy to include methods used by other grassroots networks, we will witness unparalleled participation in our party activities.
  • Finally, we must improve communication with our grassroots activists. To achieve this, Jim will travel at least once a year to county committee meetings in order to listen to the ideas and concerns of the local activists. Additionally, Jim will host quarterly conference calls with activists to start a dialogue about the future direction of the party. The feedback received will then be directly submitted to the Executive Committee, and addressed expeditiously by the NHDP.