NH GOP Response to Governor Lynch’s Inaugural Address

CONCORD – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Vice Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement in response to Gov. Lynch’s Inaugural Address:

“Governor Lynch today spent a lot of time talking about protecting New Hampshire traditions, traditions that were brought about by Republican leadership. Now, with Democrats in control of State Government, the Governor is going to have to show some leadership on the major issues facing New Hampshire. He can no longer blame Republicans for his failures nor can he continue to hide from making the tough decisions as he has the previous two years.

Today we heard about some serious expansions of state services. It will be interesting to see how the Governor plans on paying for these initiatives. There are members of his own party that would like to see the state institute a sales or income tax to pay for these programs. We can only hope that the Governor does a better job of protecting the tradition of the New Hampshire Advantage than he has done protecting the tradition of holding the First in the Nation Primary.”