Gore Speaking Out on Major Policy Issues

Draft Gore New Hampshire
Littleton, New Hampshire

Gore Begins Speaking Out on Major Domestic, Foreign PolicyIssues

(Littleton, New Hampshire) - Within 48 hours of receiving the Nobel Prize, former Vice President Al Gore is speaking out visibly on critical issues affecting all Americans.

In videos appearing on his company's web site, http://current.com/people/algore, Gore discusses Iraq, health care and constitutional protections of our rights.

"Al Gore has many concerns that touch the lives of all Americans," says Farrell Seiler,State Coordinator ofthe draft Gore effort in New Hampshire."In the next fewweeks, Gore will be talking forcefullyon domesticand foreign policy issues andelaborating on the vision he has for the future of our country." Gore wants to get our troops out of Iraq "as quickly aspossible," expand universal health insurance to cover all Americans as "a matter of right" and requirethe executive branch"to follow the requirements of theConstitution."

The complete text of Gore's comments are available onthe


New Hampshire Draft Gore website:


On Iraq:

"We are becoming a magnet for thekind of violence that isfeeding the civil war. We ought towithdraw as quicklyas possible while keeping an eye on theobligation we have not to make an already terrible situation even worse in the manner of our leaving."


On Health Care:
"Health care is a right. I strongly support universal, single payer, government provided or government funded, health care."

On Protecting Privacy:
"Americans deserve more protection against the government being able to eavesdrop on our tlelphone conversations, on our email conversations and private conversations."