Hillary Clinton's Agenda For Working Families

Helping Parents Balance Work & Family

In New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton announced an agenda to help parents balance work and family and ensure that Americans aren’t faced with a choice between keeping their job and caring for a newborn baby.

“Too many Americans feel trapped between being a good parent and being a good worker,” Clinton said. “It’s about time we stopped just talking about family values and started pursuing policies that truly value families. All Americans who are working hard and taking responsibility deserve the chance to do right by their children.

“With sound policies and sensible investments, we can give parents more choices to make the decisions that are best for them. We can make life a little easier for everyone – for mothers and for fathers – to do the most important job there is in any society: raising and nurturing the next generation. And that’s the right decision for all of us.”

Hillary’s plan would set an ambitious goal for all states to implement a paid family leave program by the year 2016, and offer $1 billion per year in grants to encourage innovative paid family leave programs at the state level. Hillary would also extend the Family Medical Leave Act to cover 13 million additional workers across the country, and guarantee every American worker seven days of paid sick leave to help them deal with a health crisis faced by themselves or their children.

Access to quality, affordable child care is critical for parents seeking to fulfill their work and family obligations. With 300,000 children set to lose access to child care by 2010, Hillary’s plan would increase child care funding through the Child Care and Development Block Grant and foster public-private partnerships to expand child care options at the state level.

This bold new effort will give families the support they need to more effectively balance work and family obligations. And it will work in partnership with America’s businesses to ensure that pro-family work policies and increasing workplace flexibility helps improve American competitiveness and economic growth.

“Providing paid family leave and flexibility for the employees at Discovery created value for its shareholders and made the employees more loyal to the company. I believe work-life balance initiatives are as much about doing good as doing well, and these initiatives will help America's parents and help grow the bottom line,” said Judith McHale, former president and CEO, Discovery Communications, Inc.

Hillary’s work-family agenda will:

  • Expand paid leave across the country through a new State Family Leave Innovation Fund;
  • Extend the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to cover 13 million additional American workers and guarantee workers at least 7 paid sick days per year;
  • Promote model workplaces with grants to support new workplace flexibility programs and a federal telecommuting initiative;
  • Ensure better access to affordable, high quality child care; and
  • Prevent parents from being discriminated against because of pregnancy or their caregiving responsibilities

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