Treaty Reagan Rejected Means UN Global Tax, Backdoor for Kyoto, & Loss of Sovereignty

I thought you'd be interested in CEI's work on the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST).

While a treaty about maritime law seems like an esoteric topic for Senators and State Department officials, the Law of the Sea Treaty is anything but. Rather than just deal with ships at sea, LOST is a backdoor for the economically disastrous Kyoto climate treaty to become the law of the land in America and the "fees" laid out in the treaty will function as the first United Nations global tax.

Your readers should be very concerned about this development that threatens American sovereignty through global taxation, creating a mini-U.N. for the oceans, and giving foreign bureaucrats control over our waterways and anything that flows into them. That's right, foreign bureaucrats will be able to reach into America and potentially control entire sectors of the economy based on this innocuously named treaty.

This treaty is moving rapidly toward ratification.  It's important that Americans are educated about its dire consequences.

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Feel free to contact me with questions. I'd be happy to but you in touch with our LOST experts.

Cord Blomquist
Assistant Editorial Director
Competitive Enterprise Institute